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Tying your belt

Your belt is tied using a square knot

  1. First, put on the uniform in an overlapping manner and tie the strings at the sides firmly in a ribbon knot.
  2. Hold the belt (picture 4) on place the centre of the belt to align to the centre of your belly button area.
  3. Holding firmly the segments close to your body ( picture 5,6) and push the rest around to the back.
  4. Still holding on, guide the belt around and to the front (picture 7).
  5. Now, make a simple knot, by pushing the belt through (picture 8).
  6. Continue with another knot (picture 9,10)
  7. Finally, as the knot is completed, adjust and ensure the belt is neatly tight and snug.



Here is a handy video that shows one way to do this.